• The 3rd Anniversary Celebration Tropical Hysteria in Sanur

    Sanur, Denpasar – Bamboo Beach Bar, established in 2014, celebrate the 3rd anniversary today on 26 April 2017. It immersed a night with a tropical beach party in Sanur. A picturesque twilight excites as the event start with an entertainment line up; beach Salsa, Water Drum, Live Music, and Live Female DJ.

    As the General Manager, Stefan Mueller said “Bamboo Beach Bar is a best beach bar in Sanur. Because today is special day to be shared with you, I thank to all the support for Bamboo Beach Bar. With this event, we also proudly launch our new website at, kindly visit our website to find all updates about Bamboo Bar.”

    Bamboo Bar & Lounge perched on the Mertasari, is an idyllic place for relaxing. White sand beach extends an ocean view which exposed as an ideal setting for individual, couple, family or for a special private event can be held in Bamboo Beach Bar. Indulgence F&B promotion is the utmost combination with daily entertainment, in which emphasized the day. The access to the Bamboo Bar from Prama Sanur Beach has free parking space for its guest. It is also accessible using the pedestrian along the Mertasari coast.

    It’s never going wrong to enjoy the beach at any time, because everyday is celebration in Bamboo Beach Bar.

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    Published : Saturday 1 April 2017
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Best Beach Bar in Sanur

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